Correction to:
Eichhubl, P., Greene, H. G., Naehr, T., and Maher, N., 2000, Structural control of fluid flow: offshore seepage in the Santa Barbara Basin, California: Journal of Geochemical Exploration, vol. 69-70, p. 545-549:

Page 457, left column, second paragraph: We stated incorrectly that Beggiatoa sp. is sulfate reducing and also provided an incorrect reference. The sentence should read:

Slow seepage is indicated by mats of the sulfide oxidizing bacterium Beggiatoa sp. (Bernhard et al., 2000) (Fig. 3c) and by high sulfide and alkalinity values of pore water extracted from shallow sediment cores within these mats (Fig. 3d).

The correct reference is: Bernhard, J.M., Buck, K.R., Farmer, M.A., Bowser, S.S., 2000. The Santa Barbara Basin is a Symbiosis Oasis. Nature 403, 77-79.

These errors are corrected in the pdf version.