Geological Society of America Bulletin
Volume 116, Number 9
Jurassic Aztec Sandstone at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, stained red, orange, yellow, and purple by distinct forms of hematite and goethite cement. The alteration bands reflect repeated stages of iron remobilization and provide a record of paleo-fluid flow within this exhumed sandstone aquifer. Distinct stages of alteration and fluid flow can be related to Sevier thrusting and Basin and Range tectonics based on crosscutting relations of alteration bands with joints, deformation bands (in foreground at subvertical orientation), Cretaceous low-angle thrust faults, and Tertiary high-angle oblique-slip faults. See related article by Eichhubl et al. (v. 116, no. 9/10, p. 1120-1136). Photograph by Peter Eichhubl.