AAPG Bulletin
Volume 89, Number 9
ON COVER --Shale entrained along a normal fault with 9 m of dip separation at Black Diamond Mines, California. Shale is entrained from a 1.6-m (5-ft)-thick source layer of sandy shale that is contained in sandstone of the Eocene Domengine Formation and attenuated to about 5 cm (2 in.) within the fault. Sand layers within the source shale are extended and boudinaged within the deformed shale, forming the lighter colored sand-rich layers within darker clay-rich shale. Photograph by Peter Eichhubl. See related paper by Peter Eichhubl, Peter S. D'Onfro, Atilla Aydin, John Waters, and Douglas K. McCarty on p. 1113 of this issue of the Bulletin.