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Evaluating Hydrate Systems at Typhoon and Genesis Fields, Gulf of Mexico

Bob A. Hardage, principal investigator; Milo M. Backus, Michael V. DeAngelo, Robert G. Graebner, Paul E. Murray, Diana C. Sava, and Donald Wagner


EGL is combining near-seafloor well log data and high-frequency (2 – 10 kHz) chirp-sonar data with 2D4C OBC seismic data to analyze hydrate systems at Typhoon Field and Genesis Field in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico.  Map views of the research databases extending across these two study sites are shown in the accompanying figure.  EGL proprietary software is being used to make high-resolution P-P and P-SV images of strata extending from the seafloor to the base of the hydrate stability zone and to create accurate estimates of VP and VS interval velocities across these sub-seafloor strata.  Rock physics models have been developed to relate these VP and VS interval velocities to hydrate concentration.

Research database created across (a) Typhoon Field and across (b) Genesis Field.


For more information, please contact Bob A Hardage, principal investigator.
Telephone 512-471-0300; e-mail bob.hardage@beg.utexas.edu

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