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Outreach Partnerships

The Bureau of Economic Geology is dedicated to providing geoscience opportunities to the K-12 community. We invite your participation in these and other programs.

Activeink. The Bureau has been a partner in two years of TEA TIE grant program to support development of cutting edge Web materials in a project led by this start-up.

Austin Science Fun Day. Bureau Researchers partner with an elementary school class to participate in this fair sponsored by College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin, and The Texas Memorial Museum.

Environmental Science Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. The Bureau participates in and collaborates with other UT researchers on outreach and research through this network at the University of Texas.

Geoscience Alliance. As part of the John A. and Katherine G Jackson School of Geosciences the Bureau has teamed up with UT's Geology Department and the Institute for Geophysics to provide information to teachers about outreach opportunities through the geoscience departments at The University of Texas at Austin.

Eye on Earth (EOE). The Bureau and the Texas Education Agency monthly television program "Eye on Earth" teamed up to do a show on Bureau geoscience educational resources. Contact TEAN Chair Sigrid Clift and find out how you can receive a copy of this program and other EOE programs that provide environmental educational resources for teachers.

Rocks from Space. The Bureau contributed geologic information as well as historic data from a 1939 exploration of the Odessa Meteor crater to a team lead by UT Astronomy Department researcher Dan Lester and including Austin Independent School Distinct staff and teachers in this project funded by NASA.

Austin Earth Science Week Consortium. Earth scientists are the professionals who manage and conserve the Earth’s natural resources and study and mitigate the effects of natural hazards. To honor the earth science workforce that provide these critical services to our society, the American Geological Institute established the annual Earth Science Week program. The Bureau, in cooperation with over 30 Central Texas organizations, sponsors Austin Earth Science Week (ESW) each year. Please contact Chair Sigrid Clift for more information about ESW or visit the Texas Earth Science Week website.

Texas High School Science Coastal Monitoring Program. This program led by Bureau researchers has partners from the UT Department of Geologic Sciences and three coastal high schools, and has been supported by grants from NOAA, Exxon Foundation, Conoco, and the Wray Foundation.

Send questions or comments to Sue Hovorka or Sigrid Clift.

The Bureau continues to host the Texas Earth Science Week Website. Click here to find out about all the exciting events.