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How can I work with the Bureau?

The Bureau of Economic Geology is dedicated to providing geoscience opportunities to the K-12 community. We invite your participation in these and other programs.

Scientist in the classroom. Bureau researchers volunteer to visit classrooms from kindergarten to high school to give classroom presentations on various geoscience topics. Please contact our Public Information Geologist Sigrid Clift for more information. We will need two months advance notice so that we can work with our staff to accommodate your request.

Class visits to the Bureau. Scientists at the Bureau provide hands-on presentations about their current research and teachers can make an appointment to have a customized tour for their students. The Virtual Imaging and Visualization Environment (VIVE) and the Core Research Center are popular stops. Please contact Sigrid Clift for more information. The number of tours is limited so please contact us well in advance.

Teacher training. Teacher training is a focus of our outreach program. We work with about 600 teachers each year to increase teacher experience with scientific inquiry and current applied science content. Training is offered at short courses associated with conferences as well as by special arrangement. We seek additional long-term grant-funded partnerships with teachers to meet their needs. This includes internships, summer continuing education, and collaboration throughout the school term. Contact Sue Hovorka or Sigrid Clift for more information.

Earth Science Week (ESW). The Bureau, in cooperation with over 30 Central Texas organizations, hosts an annual Earth Science Week career fair. This event, as well as others that are being coordinated by the Austin ESW Committee, is being held in conjunction with National Earth Science Week. Please contact Chair Sigrid Clift for more information about ESW in Austin or visit the Texas Earth Science Week website.

Science Fun Day. The Bureau sponsors one or two elementary classes for this rewarding program sponsored by the College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin, and the Texas Memorial Museum. Researchers and students together explore a topic during the school year and prepare and staff a booth at Fun Day, where it is visited by thousands of students and families. Previous years we have developed and tested the projects Flood! , Is Dirt Just Dirt?, and Aquifer in a Tank. Contact Research Scientist Sue Hovorka for more information or visit the Science Fun Day website.

Send questions or comments to Sue Hovorka or Sigrid Clift.

The Bureau continues to host the Texas Earth Science Week Website. Click here to find out about all the exciting events.