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New Views of Familiar Places

Computer technology provides an exciting new view of our familiar places. Specifically, we use ArcExplorer, a Geographic Information System (GIS) viewer, and Cosmo Player, an Internet browser plug-in that supports manipulatible 3-D images.

Students start with aerial photographs (DOQQ's) on which they can find their own houses and school, and then, as their inquiry evolves, incorporate digital geologic maps, NRCS digital soils maps, TIFF's from satellite imagery, census data, detailed cultural and infrastructure data, aquifer data, TIFF's from LIDAR images, DEM's, earthquake and hazards maps, and historical maps and photographs. The instructional method and digital data sets guide students through an open-ended inquiry of rich data sets that allow students access to topics and data from current BEG research.

Students develop inquiries as they study this information and the relationships between data sets, starting with very local, very concrete data and moving to increasingly global concepts.


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