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Visualizing in four dimensions (length, width, height, and time) is a key tool earth scientists use to understand geologic process. Traditional paper presentations of earth science materials require that the user bring knowledge and experience in order to visualize the information and understand the concept. This is a barrier to students. New computer technologies help students overcome the visualization barrier.

VIVE: The Virtual Imaging and Visualization Environment
This laboratory, supported by Shell and the Hillcrest Foundations, uses active stereo goggles to make a projected object on a screen look three dimensional. The lab can be experienced at the Bureau Research Building or travel on the road. The content includes results of Bureau research and presentations of public interest.


Online 3-D Experiences - Adventures in Virtual Reality:

Download a VRML viewer, a plug-in to your internet browser, to see and maniputhese manipulate these 3-D models.

New Views of Familiar Places:

Use a Geographic Information System viewer, ArcExplorer, to customize and manipulate your own set of full color maps showing interrelationships between the geology, soil, biology, surface water, groundwater, and human activities that form the environment.

Send questions or comments to Sue Hovorka or Sigrid Clift.

The Bureau continues to host the Texas Earth Science Week Website. Click here to find out about all the exciting events that took place during the week of October 13–19, 2002.