The models of Franklin Topography and the Edwards Aquifer are constructed as VRML models. Viewing them requires a VRML viewer, which can be downloaded free by following the instructions below. Download the appropriate file for your computer, then follow the installation instructions.

A 4.0 compatible browser - either Internet Explorer or Netscape - is also required, and these, too, can be downloaded free from the sites noted below.

As these VRML virtual models include multiple components, please allow sufficient time for all files to fully load. When finished viewing, use the "back" button at the top of the browser, or right click and select "back" from the menu, to return to the menu page.

Data relating to the historic recharge and discharge of the Edwards Aquifer is accessible from this site as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Clicking on the Historic Edwards Data button will enable you to either save the file to disk for viewing, or view it through your browswer. For this procedure to work, a prior file association for the .xls file type must have been made on your computer. See the help files of your computer's operating system for information on this process.

For additional help, please contact the help sites available at the Internet address of each browser or plugin manufacturer. For information about the VRML models contained in this publication, please contact The Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin.

To download a 4.0 compatible browser for any platform, visit one of these sites:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Netscape Communicator


To download a VRML viewer for the PC, choose one of these:

Cosmo VRML Plugin

Contact VRML Plugin

To download a VRML viewer for the Mac, click here:

Intervista Worldview 2.0 for Netscape