The Texas High School Coastal Monitoring Program Virtual Barrier Island

Virtual Barrier Island

Welcome to A Virtual Tour of Texas Gulf Coast Barrier Islands website. The Bureau of Economic Geology along with the Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, has developed a 3-D virtual model of the Gulf of Mexico and Texas coastal environments for use in the classroom and for the general public to explore how relative sea level change rise, caused by climate change and other causes, may impact the coastal zone.

Due to the amount of data contained in the 3-D model, it has been designed to run from the user's local computer. You will need to download the installer application to your desktop or any location you select and then run the application to install the data and program on your computer. Click on the link below galvr_installer.exe and save (do not select run) the application to your desktop. Find the application (galvr_installer.exe) on your desktop and double click on the icon. The application will create a folder called galvr on your desktop that will house the model and data files. The installer may take a few minutes to operate. Once completed, open the galvr folder and double click on the application galvr.exe to launch the 3-D model.

Download installer: galvr_installer.exe

We have also created a lesson plan titled Sea Level Changes and the Texas Coastal Environment for use in the classroom (SeaLevelRiseLesson.pdf). This lesson encourages students to consider the impacts of increased greenhouses gases in the atmosphere and how they may effect climate change, sea level, and the subsequent effects on coastal environments. There is a PowerPoint presentation for teachers (teacher_lesson_intro.ppt) to use to introduce the lesson in their classrooms. To help students and teachers explore the virtual reality model, there is a 10 minute video (GALVR_User_Video.wmv) that explains how to navigate and manipulate the data within the model.

Lesson plan: SeaLevelRiseLesson.pdf

Teacher's introduction: teacher_lesson_intro.ppt

VR video: GALVR_User_Video.wmv

This project has been sponsored by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office (SECO), the Meadows Foundation, and the Texas Coastal Coordination Council.