The Texas Shoreline Change Project


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What is ArcIMS and how does it work?

Click on the shoreline area you wish to view.


ArcIMS requires that you have a 5.0 or greater web browser. We recommend that you have a 56k connection, 200Mhz cpu and 64mb RAM.

ArcIMS, or Arc Internet Map Server, brings the power of of geographical information systems(GIS) into your computer via a web browser. GIS is an adaptation of database technology, but specifically applied to spatial relationships. It allows you to view the relationships of data in geographic prospective, and to create new data sets based on those relations. The Bureau of Economic Geology has streamlined this application to easily serve our extensive GIS data collection.

These ArcIMS pages have a tool bar on the left side of the window for manipulating map appearance and data. These maps are constructed from layers of geospatial data sets. To view a list of layers press the tool button on the very top left-hand side, which resembles a text icon. A text list of layers with check boxes and radio buttons should appear. The layers with checks next to them are drawn on the map, the ones without a check are invisible. To activate hidden layers, click a check mark next to the desired layer and then scroll to the bottom of that frame and click "Refresh Map". The new layer(s) should then appear. It is also possible to turn off layers in the same fashion.

You can also use some of the geographical information systems (GIS) features that are found in the tool bar on the left side of the screen. For a description of each tool leave your mouse cursor motionless over the button for a few seconds and its name should pop up. These tools give the user many options, including the ability to navigate about the map zooming in and out. It also has special tools for searching, comparing and finding spatial information about selected features. To use these tools it is necessary to make the layer you are interested in active. This option is also found on the right side of the screen, it appears as the radio button next to each layer.

The beach profiles on each ArcIMS webpage are hotlinked to web pages with profile graphs and data. When you are in the ArcIMS web page, use the tool resembling the lightning bolt to open these web pages. Another tool that resembles an i can be used to identify an area and it gives the link to the data. The beach profiles layer must be active to use this option.

Lightning bolt tool activates hyperlinked image in the ArcIMS page.

The "i" that gives you information and download links from selected items.