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Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas (Vol. 2)
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Note: All data are in UTM projection zone 14, NAD83.

The Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas, Volume 2

The Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas - Volume 2 (2001) is being developed in response to the need for technical information by coastal planners and to increase public awareness of coastal processes. The area covered in Volume 2 is the middle coast from the Brazos River on the east through Corpus Christi Bay on the west.

  County Boundaries
  Digital Orthophoto Mosaics (doqq)
  Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Shoreline
  Shoreline Change
  Hurricane Surge and Flooding
  National Wetland Inventory (nwi)
  Washover Features

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Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas Database Structure - Volume 2.


1. Cities


2. County Boundaries


3. DOQQs (readme). Images are scale dependent (<1:50,000).
    This directory contains digital orthophoto quadrangle (DOQ) mosaics of the central Texas Gulf Coast. All mosaics are 2.5 meter resolution except for Matagorda Peninsula east (5 m). Tif images load directly into ArcView. Compressed files (.ecw) must be viewed with the ArcView ECW plug-in. ECW is a trademark of Earth Resource Mapping Inc.-
  • matagisl
  • Matagorda Peninsula east
  • mustangisl
  • Matagorda Peninsula west
  •   4. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Shoreline
        This is the Environmental Sensitivity Index Shoreline characterization of the Central Texas Coast.
    5. Shoreline Change
        A. Gulf of Mexcio
        B. Bay Erosion
      6. Hurricane Surge and Flooding
    Layers of this directory are scale dependent (>1:1,640,524)
    Storm Surge: An abnormal rise in sea level accompanying a hurricane or other intense storm, and whose height is the difference between the observed level of the sea surface and the level that would have occurred in the absence of the cyclone. Storm surge is usually estimated by subtracting the normal or astronomic high tide from the observed storm tide. (ft.)
        A. Computer Model Surge Data
        B. Hurricanes Beulah and Carla Flood Areas
      7. National Wetland Inventory (nwi)
        NWI data are by county and are scale dependent (<1:220,714). NWI map codes legend.
    The files in this directory are compiled from 1992 US Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetland Inventory data. See the nwimapcode file for a schematic diagram of the NWI Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats Classification System.
    8. Shorelines (Gulf of Mexico, Data explanation)
        A. Historic Shorelines
        B. Projected 2060 Shorelines
        C. Net Projected Shoreline Erosion and Accretion
      9. Washover Features
        A. Washover Channels and Interdune Drainages (Polygons)
        B. Washover Areas (Arcs)
    10. Subsidence