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Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas (Vol.1)
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Note: All data are in UTM projection zone 15, NAD83. Subsequent volumes of the atlas will extend coverage to the entire Texas coast.

The Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas, Volume 1

The Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas - Volume 1 ((2000) is being developed in response to the need for technical information by coastal planners and to increase public awareness of coastal processes. The area covered in Volume 1 is the southeast coast from the Brazos River on the west to Sabine Lake on the east.

County Boundaries
Digital Orthophoto Mosaics (doqq)
Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Shoreline
Shoreline Change
Hurricane Surge and Flooding
National Wetland Inventory (nwi)
Washover Features
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Texas Coastal Hazards Atlas Database Structure - Volume 1.


1. Cities


2. County Boundaries


3. DOQQs All mosaics are scale dependent (<1:100,000)
  • Bolivar
  • Robinson Lake
  • Jones Creek
  • Caplen East 
  • Star Lake
  • San Luis Pass 
  • Caplen West
  • Clam Lake 
  • Surfside 
  • Flake
  • Sabine Pass 
  • Virginia Point 
  • High Island
  • North Galveston 
  • West Bay 
  • Mud Lake
  • South Galveston 
  • Christmas Bay 
  • Oyster Bayou
  • Hoskins Mound 
  • North Christmas Bay 
  • Jamaica Beach 
  • Christmas Point 
        For more information on DOQQs visit
      4. Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Shoreline
        This is the Environmental Sensitivity Index Shoreline characterization of the Upper Texas Coast.
    5. Shoreline Change
        Erosion rate in the ArcIMS map is also scale dependent (<1:72,000).
        A. Gulf of Mexico
        B. Bay Erosion
      6. Hurricane Surge and Flooding
    Layers of this directory are scale dependent (>1:1,640,524)
    This directory contains hurricane related information derived from two separate sources. The computer surge data are calculated through computer modeling and depict the worst case scenario for various force level hurricanes. The flood data were mapped in the Natural Hazards of the Texas Coastal Zone (1974) and depict the landward extent of salt water flooding and areas of potential fresh water flooding as a result of hurricanes Beulah and Carla.
        A. Computer Model Surge Data (Data explanation)
          1. Maximum Surge Lines

    Level 1-5: max1, max2, max3, max4, max5

          2. Net Inundation Area

    Level 2-5: netall

        B. Hurricanes Beulah and Carla Flood Areas
      7. National Wetland Inventory (nwi)
        NWI data are by county and are scale dependent (<1:78,471). NWI map codes legend
    NWI data were downloaded from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's NWI site at in January, 1999.
  • Brazoria
  • Chambers
  • Galveston
  • Jefferson
  • Harris
    8. Shorelines (Gulf of Mexico, Data explanation)
        A. Historic Shorelines
        B. Projected 2006, 2026, 1996, 2056 Shorelines
        C. Net Projected Shoreline Erosion and Accretion 1996-2056
    Changes in shoreline position occurring for more than a century provide estimates of the relative stability of shorelines and, along the Texas coast, allow comparisons of shoreline changes before and after human modifications became significant. Despite the widespread use of shoreline protection measures, about 78 percent of the shorelines within the Galveston Bay system retreated between the early 1850's and 1982. During this period, bay shorelines moved an average of 2.2 ft/yr landward, causing the loss of about 12.5 square miles of land. (Above is taken from Paine and Morton, 1986.)
      9. Washover Features
        A. Washover Channels and Interdune Drainages (Polygons)
        B. Washover Areas (Arcs)
      10. Subsidence
        Subsidence(1906-1987): Approximate land-surface subsidence 1906-1987
        Subsidence(1983-1987): Approximate land-surface subsidence 1983-1987
        Extensometer: Extensometer measurement sites
    TIF Image Files of Extensometer Graphs

    "addicks".gif: Image files of extensometer graphs (compaction versus year). Image may be hot-linked to data collection site in extensometer measurement site theme. View window must be resized to obtain optimum visibility. In the ArcIMS map, the images are already hot-linked to points in the Extensometer layer.

    •addicks lkhouston southwest
    baytown northeast space
    clear pasadena texas
    eastend seabrook  
      11. Faulting
        Faults are scale dependent (<1:673,725)
        egat_faults - Environmental Geologic Atlas of Texas Faults
        usgs_faults - USGS Faults
        houston_faults - GPS surveyed locations of known faults mapped as part of an ongoing study at the BEG and Center for Space Research, UT.