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AEC projects

The Advanced Energy Consortium (AEC) research is member driven and focuses on developing applications that members can utilize in optimizing reservoir development and performance (i.e. hydro-fracking, enhanced oil recovery, water-flooding, etc). Our technical research categories (or "Thrusts") include Mobility, Contrast Agents, Nanomaterial Sensors, and Micro-Fabricated Sensors. Each category integrates projects that can be used for problem-solving in oil and gas reservoirs.

AEC's Progress to Date
Progress to date

Research projects focused on developing applications are organized into five "Use Cases" as defined by the AEC members:

  • Use Case 1 Contrast Agents for Water Flood and Fracture Mapping
  • Use Case 2 Subsurface Autonomous Nanosensor Device
  • Use Case 3 Nano Enhanced Oil Recovery (NanoEOR)
  • Use Case 4 Payload Delivery for Flood Conformance and Reservoir Characterization
  • Use Case 5: Subsurface Environment Threshold Sensors
Research projects focused on developing applications