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Bureau Seminar, November 04, 2011

Micro and Nano Scale Sensors for Oil Exploration & Production

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Dr. John Ullo

Dr. John Ullo

Applications based on new nanotechnologies have been targeted by the oil industry for several years. The list often includes structural materials, coatings, drilling fluids additives, EOR agents and sensing systems. In particular, micro and nano sensing technology presents a very attractive opportunity for improving oilfield exploration and production practices. This is driven by accelerating demand for more information about reservoir static and dynamic properties resulting from an emphasis on higher recovery factors in new reservoirs, which are smaller and more complex, as well as unconventional resources (to fill new reserve requirements and increased operations in more extreme temperature, pressure and chemical environments). We will discuss the envisioned use of engineered nanoparticles that can be injected deep into the reservoir for enhanced imaging of reservoir structure and fluid distributions and also for deep measurements of reservoir properties. Examples of on-going research to develop nano sensing platforms which directly and indirectly apply to E&P applications will be described along with near and long-term visions for practical use.