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Bureau Seminar, March 9, 2012

Use of Stratigraphy, Rock Properties, Seismic Attributes and Geomechanics for Improved Fracture Reservoir Modeling and Characterization

Chris Zahm
Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geology
Reinaldo Michelena and Jim Gilman, iReservoir, Littleton, CO; Rildo Márcio de Oliveira, Petrobras E & P Consultant, Macae, Brasil ; Charles Kerans and Xavier Janson, BEG-RCRL, The University of Texas at Austin

Chris Zahm

Stratigraphic facies and the principles that govern their lateral and vertical distribution provide an important framework that can be utilized for improved fracture characterization and modeling. Fracture systems in outcrop and subsurface reservoirs have demonstrated that rock strength and mechanical unit thickness can be related to facies and vertical facies assemblages thereby allowing for improved distribution of fractures within subsurface reservoir models. This study illustrates an important relationship between calculated rock strength (dynamic Young’s modulus) and porosity by facies for an Albian-age fractured carbonate reservoir. The field of interest has limited well control and mandates the incorporation of seismic data in combination with mapped faults and stratigraphic facies to distribute fractures within the reservoir. 

This talk will highlight a workflow that utilizes rock properties and stratigraphy for improved fractured reservoir modeling. I will illustrate how the integration of stratigraphy, rock properties, seismic attributes, structural deformation, geomechanics and reservoir simulation can be combined for a robust fracture model that is currently being used for development decisions and to highlight key remaining characterization issues.


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