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Bureau Seminar, January 24, 2014

UTIG NSF-sponsored Geoscience Education Research Projects: Opportunities for Ongoing Collaboration.

Link to streaming video: available 01.24.2014 at 8:55am

Katherine Ellins, PhD
Program Manager
Institute for Geophysics

The JSG recently hosted a Summit on Future of Undergraduate Education. Sponsored by the NSF, this community meeting brought together more than 200 university and two-year college (2YC) geoscience faculty, deans and department chairs, and K-12 geoscience education researchers from institutions throughout the U.S., as well as representatives from industry and groups underrepresented in the geosciences. A key outcome was the call for greater collaboration between K-12 geoscience education researchers, university/college faculty and researchers in reforming undergraduate curriculum and teaching, developing course assessments and applying lessons learned about attracting minorities to the geosciences. In my talk, I will summarize what we have learned from three recent/current UTIG NSF-sponsored geoscience education projects: (1) Texas Earth and Space Science (TXESS) Revolution, (2) EarthLabs Climate Literacy project, and (3) the Diversity and Innovation for the Geosciences (DIG) TEXAS Instructional Blueprints. I will highlight ways in which BEG researchers have contributed to the success of these efforts and explore opportunities for future collaboration. Finally, I’ll introduce the Next Generation Science Standards and share their implications for science education.




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