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Bureau Seminar, September 20, 2013

Measuring nano-darcy permeability in shales

Link to streaming video: available 09.20.2013 at 8:55am

Athma Bhandari
Postdoctoral Fellow
BEG UT GeoFluids Consortium

Knowledge of permeability allows us to illuminate flow physics, understand production data, design optimal hydraulic fracture treatments and predict long-term production performance. However, shale permeability is challenging to measure. I describe advances we have made in measuring nano-darcy permeability with transient pulse decay method. We find vertical permeability of ~2 nd and horizontal permeability of ~100 nd in Barnett shale samples. In addition, we find stress dependency in these rocks (decline in permeability with increasing stress). We also describe our first results that illuminate multi-scale permeability behavior in shales, which we attribute to sample heterogeneity at the core scale. Our future work is focused on exploring permeability in shales under different stress and pressure conditions that are characteristic of those encountered during production.


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