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Dinosaur footprints
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Dinosaur Footprints


They walked all over Texas...

120 to 100 million years ago, dinosaurs lived in the coastal shallows and offshore islands of Texas and left footprint evidence for geodetectives to investigate.


Trackways help us learn more about dinosaurs and to walk in their footsteps. More information about the geography and geology pertaining to this map can be found on the FAQ page.

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All photos by Sue Hovorka, UT BEG, unless otherwise noted.

Child of WPA workers siting in a dinosaur footprint.

Child of WPA workers siting in a dinosaur footprint. Photo from Paluxy river quarry by R.T. Bird from the collection of Wann Langston.

walk in their footsteps

Trackway at Dinosaur Valley State Park, Blue Hole.

match foot to track

Bipedal three-toed track maker.