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2Speaking Inquiries / Booking Information

Dr. Tinker enjoys speaking to a wide variety of audiences on and even wider variety of topics. Because of his numerous professional responsibilities, contacting Scott well in advance of forthcoming events is necessary.

"I am indebted to you for your exacting and enthralling overview, which did so much to guide these directors in their respective roles."

"We have been overwhelmed by the positive responses we've received from all those attending your keynote speech."

"At the end of most of the lectures this trade association sponsors, attendee's edge towards the door anxious to attend this or that. That is except for yours, which looked like the end of a church service where everyone stays to visit. In your case, it was to go, "Wow, this is really, really, interesting stuff."

"Much praise was given on your compelling content, but beyond that, my guys very much enjoyed your asides, and your very entertaining podium patter. Our evaluation survey showed you as the top rated speaker."

"Your session was extremely well received, and your perspective was appreciated by everyone."

"Your insights, enthusiasm and presentation content definitely helped enrich our conference. We appreciate the investment of your time and preparations…."

"You were outstanding, and by far the best speaker at the event. We have tallied the group feedback, which confirms that yours was the best talk."

"We have received great comments back on your presentation, and I cannot thank you enough for squeezing us into your obviously very hectic schedule. Everyone wants you back."1

"(We) received all positive feedback for what you said and how you said it. Your perspective was very helpful in establishing a baseline for our group."

"I like very much your style of interacting with industry people, the public and the government on realism and balance. I don't know anyone else with your visibility who delivers crafted messages to these audiences. I admire what you are doing."

To book Scott as a speaker, please contact:

Emily Hooks
(512) 633-9868


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