Welcome to the Bureau of Economic Geology’s Centennial Website! Throughout the next year, we will be showcasing the Bureau through several outlets including: a Centennial timeline with significant events that have occurred throughout the years, a Centennial symposium and alumni reception in August, 2009, a distinguished lecture series featuring several Bureau senior research scientists, podcasts with audio interviews of key historical Bureau figures and up and coming researchers, and a coffee table book to showcase travels and experiences of past and present Bureau alumni. 

This website will serve as the portal to our 100th year.  This is a unique time where reflection on the past and excitement for the future will dominate the Bureau.  Please visit regularly for up to date information regarding all of our projects and we hope to see you at the Centennial Symposium!

  Dr. Wm. L. Fisher

A Brief (and Somewhat Personal) History
of Geological Surveys in Texas (1858–2004)


William L. Fisher
Leonidas T. Barrow Centennial Chair in Mineral Resources, Department of Geological Sciences Director, Bureau of Economic Geology, 1970–94, 1999–2000

Presented to Summer Seminars, Bureau of Economic Geology, June 11, 2004


In the first 100 years, eight directors led the Bureau of Economic Geology from its beginning as Texas' State Geological Survey to one of the world's leading earth science research institutes. Click on the pictures below to learn more about the unique history and leadership of each of the Directors of the Bureau.
  Directors of the Bureau  
The Bureau of Economic Geology Alumnus/Alumna of the Year award was created in 2003 by Scott W. Tinker to honor former Bureau employees who make significant contributions to society after leaving the Bureau. Recipients are recognized for their accomplishments as leaders, positive influence as role models, and commitment to maintaining ties to their Bureau family.

  Time on Earth  
The Bureau Centennial Celebration continues with the introduction of the new podcast series "Time on Earth." A creation of Bureau geophysicist Paul Murray (right), the monthly audio program seeks to increase public understanding of geoscience, demonstrate how it is interwoven into the most important issues in our world, and highlight cutting-edge research that may provide solutions to our most pressing Earth resource problems. Episodes include interviews with Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker on the value of the Bureau's work in its 100th year, and scientists Susan Hovorka, Rebecca Smyth, and Tip Meckel talk about the Gulf Coast Carbon Center's efforts to minimize the effects of greenhouse gases through carbon capture and sequestration. Other episodes feature scientists Bridget Scanlon of the Center for Sustainable Water Resources and Michelle Foss of the Center for Energy Economics. Hosted and produced by Murray, "Time on Earth" is made possible through the resources and financial support of the Bureau Centennial Program and is available on iTunes and other podcast media sources. To listen, click here.
Paul Murray

Other Centennial Events -

Centennial Symposium: August 6th & 7th

As a celebration of our strong history of research in the geosciences, the Bureau of Economic Geology presents our Centennial Symposium, “Energy and Water in the Southwestern US: Opportunities and Challenges.” On August 6th, 2009, the symposium will kick off with an early evening reception for those attending the symposium as well as alumni from the Bureau. On Friday, August 7th, the symposium begins, featuring nationally [and internationally] recognized experts on the topic along with a special keynote speaker.

The entire event takes place at the newly constructed AT&T Conference Center located on the south side of the University of Texas main campus. Remember to mark your calendars for this exciting opportunity to learn about our current projects, hear from authorities in the field, and reconnect with alumni from across the world.

Distinguished Lecture Series

To commemorate passage into our next 100 years, we are introducing a lecture series featuring the Bureau’s most esteemed scientists. The lectures, free to those who host the event, are by invitation only, and we hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn about the exciting research in which the Bureau is currently involved. The Bureau will pay for the lecturer’s travel costs, including hotel.

Speakers: Lesli Wood, Bridget Scanlon, Steve Ruppel, Jerry Lucia, Bob Loucks, Steve Laubach, Charlie Kerans, Martin Jackson, Michael Hudec, Sue Hovorka, Bob Hardage, Sergey Fomel, and Shirley Dutton.


Centennial Coffee Table Book

To celebrate our accomplishments and ongoing programs in research and education and our special esprit de corps through the years, the Bureau will publish a large-format (“coffee-table”) book. Large full-color images and simple text will capture a sense of the natural beauty of the many areas where the Bureau community has worked over the years, both within Texas and around the world. The book will also highlight some of the personalities and backgrounds of members of the Bureau community as their stories bear on our mission and loyalty to that mission.

Centennial Symposium
Dr. Peter Gleick
Dr. Peter Gleick
"New Thinking for Water
in the 21st Century
August 7, 2009
Please contact:
Jennifer Logan: 512-471-0302
Celebrate the Centennial!